Ujitawara, a town in Kyoto Filled with the Fragrance of Green tea

The History of Japanese Green Tea

The origin of Japanese green tea and how it is related to Ujiwatawa Town

About Uji Green Tea

 The varieties of Uji green tea and the authentic way of brewing them

Ujitawara Town, Kyoto

The information about sightseeing spots and annual events in Ujitawara Town

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Ujitawara, the hometown of Japanese green tea

Ujitawara Town in Kyoto has developed itself as a producer of green tea and forest products from old times. It is even today surrounded by green and natural environment with fantastic rural views.


Having pride as the birthplace of Japanese green tea, the town has been protecting and nurturing its traditions and technologies.

Local Events

Tea Picking Experience

Would you like to try the authentic tea picking experience in Ujitawara Town, the birthplace of Japanese green tea?

Traditional tea picking costumes rental is available.

You can also enjoy local culinary lunchbox with plenty of ingredients produced in Ujitawara.

Hometown Festival

The "Ujitawara Hometown Festival" is packed with charm of Ujitawara Town, the birthplace of Japanese green tea. You can enjoy Japanese green tea lavishly as there is Matcha and Gyokuro tea ceremony, a tea brewing class, and entertainment with tea brewed by a tea master. Also, the sightseeing bus runs around tourist spots in the town. This is the opportunity for you to experience the birthplace of Japanese green tea using the five senses. Please try the finest cup of green tea.


Shincha Festival

This is an exciting hand-on learning event that provides a tea picking experience in the tea garden of Nagatani Soen’s birthplace, a green tea processing experience using the first pick of the year, and a treat of Sencha and rice balls.

Tawara Festival

This is the largest autumn festival in Ujitawara Town, jointly hosted by the three village shrines in Tawara-go in the old shrine system: Mikurusu Shrine, Omiya Shrine and Sannomiya Shrine. According to legend, this festival was started in the Heian period to celebrate that Fujiwara no Hidesato (Tawara no Tota) became the lord of Tahara-go for his achievement of suppressing the revolt of Taira no Masakado.